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November 24, 2012

Environics Institute presents at Ninth Annual Trudeau Foundation Conference

The Environics Institute was front and centre at the Ninth Annual Trudeau Foundation Conference, held in Edmonton Nov 22-24, 2012, on the theme “The Common Good:  Who Decides?”

Institute Executive Director Keith Neuman presented to the 350 conference delegates the results of national survey conducted in collaboration with the Trudeau Foundation and sponsored by the University of Alberta. The survey focused on how the Canadian public defined the common good for this country, and how best to reconcile differences in the absence of consensus.

The results show there is a public consensus on the common good in some areas (e.g., gender equality, a responsive political system, public health care), but not in many others.  Moreover, Canadians continue to look to their governments to balance competing interests, but at the same time believe that grassroots citizen initiatives such as the Occupy movement, Quebec student protests are legitimate if not important ways to resolve major disagreements about important issues.



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