Survey of Jews in Canada

The Environics Institute is partnering with Dr. Robert Brym (SD Clark Chair of Sociology at the University of Toronto) to conduct a landmark national survey of Jews in Canada in 2017. The purpose of this research is to provide the first-ever national scale study to provide a substantive understanding about Jewish identity, priorities, attitudes and values. In 2013, the Pew Research Center completed a comprehensive survey of American Jews that addressed many of these questions for the American community. This research provides a valuable portrait of the Jewish population in the USA, and raises important questions about the extent to which its findings may or may not characterize the Canadian Jewish community.

Canada’s Jewish population has historic roots stretching back to the times of earliest European settlement of this continent, and today it is diverse and consists of numerous distinct religious and cultural communities, and is evolving along with the rest of society. Within the next few years, Canada’s Jewish population is expected to exceed 400,000, which would make it the largest Jewish community outside of Israel and the United States.

The survey is now in the initial design stage, with the fieldwork scheduled for Fall 2017. Stay tuned for further details.